Festival Internacional de Cine de Lanzarote (FICL)

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This is a pioneering event in the Canary Islands, which started its life in 2001 as a small film festival and has grown over the years to become a festival that brings together:

  1. Film education: “We believe that film is an extraordinary didactic resource, which contributes to the design of a pedagogy in accordance with the times in which we live.”
  2. The discovery of new talents, supporting filmmakers to make their debut through that small, free and polysemic genre known as short film.
  3. The première on the island of the best feature films produced throughout the year by the Spanish industry.
  4. The promotion of Lanzarote as a privileged location for filming.
  5. Contact with the technical and artistic team of films, so that they can interact with viewers.

The organisers of FICL have always been concerned with designing a festival for all audiences: an inclusive festival where the whole population can feel represented. Those who vote and those who don’t. Those who produce and those who have been doing it all their lives. And in the screenings, organised by themes and cycles: Preschool, Primary, Secondary, adults and Third Age.
We promote FICL with these values, in the hope of contributing to the development and progress of the audiovisual sector, as well as favouring the exhibition and distribution offer of Canary Island, national and international film products, generating in spectators the motivations, reasons and arguments that will facilitate a commitment to cultural action.

Why film in Lanzarote?

Lanzarote offers countless attractions that make it perfect as your next film set: its landscapes are diverse and attractive, with golden, white or black sandy beaches, volcanic seabed landscapes, cliffs, lonely roads, picturesque villages and marinas, all within walking distance of each other.