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The uniqueness of Lanzarote’s singular landscape makes it the ideal setting for filming all kinds of audiovisual productions. Over the decades, Lanzarote has been the set for more than fifty national and international films, as well as series, video clips and advertisements linked to various sectors such as fashion and the automobile industry.

The film “One Million Years B.C.” (1965), opened the door to countless personalities who from then on would choose the Island of Volcanoes as the setting for their screenplays. Such is the case of directors Pedro Almodóvar and Juan Antonio Bardem; Werner Herzog and Wolfgang Petersen; and actors Rachel Welch, Omar Shariff, Penelope Cruz, Salma Hayek and Chris Hemsworth, among many others.

But what makes Lanzarote so attractive? The answer is simple: the island is synonymous with spring-like weather, natural light in both quality and quantity, exotic beauty, science-fiction Mars-like landscapes… In short, Lanzarote is a very competitive destination, which captivates with its vast potential to enrich any narrative that it lends itself to.

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