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Find out why Lanzarote should be your next destination to shoot your film or advertising project

Because of its unique locations

Lanzarote offers countless attractions that make it perfect as your next film set: its landscapes are diverse and attractive, with golden, white or black sandy beaches, volcanic seabed landscapes, cliffs, lonely roads, picturesque villages and marinas, all within walking distance of each other.

Because of its eternal spring climate

The climate in Lanzarote is unique and special. Summers are pleasant and winters are very mild, with an average temperature of 23°C in summer and 19°C in winter. It is an ideal destination for outdoor filming and any filming that does take place in exterior locations has little risk of being affected by adverse weather conditions due to its low rainfall.

Because of its light and clear blue skies

The almost daily clear skies and the scarce annual rainfall favour sunny days with many hours of daylight: in Lanzarote we have more than 3,000 hours of sunshine a year, making the island one of the places with the most hours of daylight in Europe.

Because of its tax incentives and support given to the audiovisual sector

The Canary Islands enjoy a specific tax regime due to their geographical remoteness from the Spanish mainland. Thus, in order to promote the economic and social development of the archipelago, the governments of the different islands offer a series of attractive tax advantages that are successfully applied to audiovisual production.

With tax incentives of up to 50% compatible with a 4% corporate tax rate, the Canary Islands have positioned themselves as one of the benchmark territories for national and international film projects.
In addition, various institutions offer subsidies and grants for the pre-production, development, production, post-production and promotion of audiovisual works.

Because of the air and maritime connectivity

The Canary Islands have 8 airports (6 international and 2 local airports), at least one on each island, to which regular flights arrive from more than 170 cities, mainly European, but also African and American.

To give you an idea of our accessibility, some relevant distances are: 2.5 hours from the Iberian Peninsula; 4 hours from the UK, Germany and Belgium; 5 hours from Italy; and 6 hours from Sweden, Norway and Poland.

You will find more information about the national and international air connectivity in Lanzarote in this link.

In addition, the connectivity between the islands is excellent, via domestic flights with frequent daily departures and journeys of no more than 45 minutes.

As far as maritime connections are concerned, the various ports of the Canary Islands are served several times a week by cargo and passenger ships from various ports in the Atlantic and the Mediterranean. Similarly, several shipping companies operate inter-island passenger and freight services between its many ports with similar frequency and efficiency.

Because of its excellent tourist infrastructure and visitor services

Lanzarote’s experience in the tourism sector together with the local population’s level of economic and social development and the fact that it is fully integrated in the European Union, make this Spanish region a safe choice for any audiovisual project, whatever its size. Its European standards of comfort and safety, whether in legal, labour law, health or even personal terms, will help to ensure the success of your production.

Because of its experience in large productions and high level of professionalism

The professionals and companies of the Canary Islands in general and Lanzarote in particular, have long and successful experience in large international productions.

Lanzarote is home to professionals with great talent and capability, as well as production service companies and companies dedicated to hiring audiovisual equipment.

Because Lanzarote Film Commission will be supporting you

We are ready to advise on location scouting and to offer information to speed up the processing of obtaining filming permits at island and municipal level.

We are also in contact with all the film offices in the Canary Islands through Canary Islands Film in order to network.

Filming information

If you are thinking of filming or developing a creative or advertising piece in Lanzarote or La Graciosa, and you need our services or advice for the processing of permits, location scouting or contacts with professionals in the audiovisual or logistics sector, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our team will be pleased to help you. Thank you for choosing us!