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The architecture and beauty of Lanzarote cannot be understood without the figure of César Manrique, whose work has left its mark on a large part of Lanzarote’s identity, and is fundamental to understanding the link between art, environment and tourism that has resulted in the creation of the island’s contemporary Centres for Art, Culture and Tourism. In line with César Manrique’s singular vision, local architecture is characterised by the respectful dialogue that exists between the different constructions and nature itself. The luminous white that prevails allows the island to project its beauty as if it were a canvas and, accompanied by greens and blues, creates the clean chromatic range that defines Lanzarote.

Permisos de rodaje

 Lanzarote Film Commission ofrece asesoramiento a las productoras y actúa de intermediaria entre estas y los diferentes departamentos de la Administración Pública, para ayudar a tramitar los permisos de rodaje