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Lanzarote is synonymous with contagious luminosity, golden sand, crystal clear waters and amber sunsets over lava flows. The unique nature of the island is perfectly reflected in the colour palette that characterises it. Think cobalt blue, underwater shots, natural pools and clear skies most of the year. But add to this the black, brown and coppery tones of the volcanoes, as well as the spectacular seas of dark ash around the Timanfaya National Park, among other dreamy spaces scattered all over the island that emulate the planet Mars.

Lanzarote is unique, singular, Martian, proud and inspiring.

Permisos de rodaje

 Lanzarote Film Commission ofrece asesoramiento a las productoras y actúa de intermediaria entre estas y los diferentes departamentos de la Administración Pública, para ayudar a tramitar los permisos de rodaje